The World We Live In

Fall 2010, Wellesley College ARTS 317 Topics in the Visual Arts
“Simulation and Illusion in Representation"

Once something is learned, it cannot be unlearned. An artwork is a result of the artist’s prior knowledge and inspirations and cannot be fully “original.” In the ARTS 317 seminar class, a small group of students studied written and visual works exploring the concept of representation and how an artwork derives from another to elicit different effects.

Throughout the semester, I produced a series of art works that explored the concept of representation by replicating, imitating, and repeating images. As my final project, I designed an installation piece The World We Live In in attempt to recreate my perception of today’s visual world bombarded with popular commercial images. Colorful pixels showcasing pictures of popular products and logos switch constantly back and forth and paralyze the viewer’s vision. The piece simulates the powerful effect of repeated imagery from our surrounding and generates a sense of overwhelmed anxiety and confusion from it.