Aago Mobile App

Spring - Summer 2011
MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (MIT Program in ACT) &
Freelance UI/UX work (MIT Center for Civic Media)
Team Project with student developers and grad student assistants
Advisor: Professor Nitin Sawhney, MIT Art Culture and Technology, and Professor James Paradis, MIT CMS

01. Introduction

In the midst of Digital Age, young learners are exposed to a myriad of information and media channels that yield great potential for dissemination. Yet despite such easy access, the quality of content has not shown parallel growth. The Aago project was initiated based on a growing need for a content platform that would encourage media producers to create holistic and substantiated content that holds a story.

02. Brainstorming & Design Documentation

Research began when I joined a group of MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) students guided by Professor Nitin Sawhney. The team closely followed the iterative design process to create an alpha prototype of the Aago mobile app. The working prototype is an intuitive and easy-to-use iPhone mobile app that allows users to capture, label, and sort media content. As a student researcher and designer, I actively participated in the inception-stage brainstorming process and created series of visual prototypes and a detailed development plan.

03. User Testing with Prototype

In the summer following my graduation, I continued to work on the project as a freelance UI/UX designer to pitch Aago deliverables to community program coordinators and conduct user studies with local youth groups such as the Museum of Science’s Flagship Computer Clubhouse and Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation to induce participatory development.

Click here to view the presentation used for the session with the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation.

Testing the prototype with Museum of Science interns

04. Summary Report & Moving Forward

Please find the reports summarizing the project here (with edits from Professor Sawhney): Spring 2011 | Summer 2011
I also started to visioning the Web version of Aago and the initial sketch is as follows.